Caxambu Thermal Springs Establishment
Brazil 1930/1959 - Achievements
Caxambu - Waters Park - MG


Caxambu, city is about 26 km from São Lourenço
How to get there : leave la Praca 16 de setembro, follow Oliveira Mafra street and take Joao Carlos street, n°100.

« Parc des Eaux », Dr Lisandro Carneiro Guimaraes.
One of the Caxambu’s assets is the Parc des Eaux, famous for its numerous water sources with medical characteristics, i.e. curative properties. The Parc des Eaux was declared Patrimony by the « Institut de l'Etat du Patrimoine Historique et  Artistique » (IEPHA). Its surface area is of 210.000 m2, divided into gardens with various plants attractive for birds, a lake surrounding two islands and a small part of Mata Atlantica, where some endemic species are living.

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