São Miguel - Secondary School - 1936
Brazil 1930/1959 -Achievements

São Miguel - Secondary School - Passa Quatro

Av. Pe. João Batista Apetche, s/n° Bairro São Miguel
C.P.  23 - 37460-000 PASSA QUATRO-MG

Father Jean-Baptiste APTECHE decided to build the school in Passa-Quatro and therefore to develop St Michel GARIGOITS’s work in Brazil.
Henri SAJOUS was appointed for the carrying out of this project, together Architect of Ibarre church, who had been living in Brazil for several years. Ibarre is St Michel GARIGOITS’s native land.  The purpose was to adapt to the existing building the creation of a simple and nice looking secondary school, in the spirit of Bétharram religious community.

In 1937, Sao Miguel Secondary School opened for the first time and welcomed its first pupils.

Works after a couple of months (November 27th, 1936) / Doc Architects Y.SAJOUS. On the picture, Henri SAJOUS is on the right.


View onto the inside courtyard and partial view  over the 200 meters-long  gallery surrounding the courtyard. Document : Architect Yves SAJOUS