Biarritz Edifice 1933 - Patrimony in 2001
Brazil 1930/1959 - Achievements
Biarritz Edifice- Flamengo Beach N°268

One of the major « art deco » buildings in town. The façade stands out with graceful round balconies, showing a double curve; details of the friezes and superb gates. We can notice the Carrare marble, as well as the enormous wrought-iron gate, the sophisticated golden door handle of the entrance door….the detail of refinement. A beautiful and peaceful inside-garden, which is very rare in Rio nowadays.

Planned in 1940 by Henri Paul Pierre SAJOUS and Auguste RENDU

Daniel Casoy -Library ViverCidades
Photo Andre Skowronski
Art deco guide of the Architecture of Rio de Janeiro
Photo Andre Skowronski
internal curves of the building - andre Skowronski

Biarritz edifice and Tabor Loreto in the corner of the street, on the right side of the picture. Both works are made by Henri SAJOUS.