France 1924 / 1930
Lahosse Church - Landes - 1929
France 1924 / 1930 - Achievements

Letapy D 158 Aquitaine 40250 Lahosse

Lahosse Church, desinged by H.SAJOUS and C.HEBRARD

The use of high-quality materials for the building of the church, made it resistant to the years. On the cement foundations, the high quality of the local stone enabled to build a hard-wearing masonry. The columns are made with Mugron stone; the capital, the Holy Table, the high altar and both lateral altars are sculpted in Terée stone. The paving stones of the Chancel as well as the steps are made with Vilhonneur stone.

The superb stained-glass windows were carried out from the architects’ drawings by DELMAS Company (from Bordeaux). The Way of the Cross, showing such an attractive polychromiticity, was designed by A. Raynolt. And Gabriel RISPAL actually sculpted the grey stoned-capital, the holy table, high altar, lateral altars and the Christ. The whole work is so personal, so touching because so perfectly made, according to the rules, that it authoritatively ends up in a decorative and attractive composition. In one word, it is worthy to the edifice it’s going to ornament.

A.J.Pagola. La Construction Moderne - 9 Octobre 1932 -

« Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine »’s archives - PARIS

Photos Marie Christine Sajous Clause 05/ 2009