Santissima Trindade Church - 1938 - Patrimony in 2001
Brazil 1930/1959 - Achievements
Santissima Trindade Church - Senador Vergueiro Street, N°141 - Flamengo

Project and design by H.SAJOUS, Architect, commissioned by Father Aleixo CHAUVIN – Professional Register N°128D, 155 Nilo Pecanha Avenue – Builder « Cia Coes OTTINO SA » Mger Carlo Aflonso Ottino – Professional Register n°53L, Construtor Licenciado 48 Rue Do Catete ON 606. From

Yves Sajous architect Document
Senador Vergueiro street façade- Yves Sajous architect Document
Back façade - Yves Sajous architect Document
Yves Sajous architect Document
Arquitetura e Urbanismo magazine, Année V, en jan fev 1940 - Archives viver cidades - Mauro Almada.Collaboration

“This Architect is considering his Work both in its whole and in its minor details ; he takes care of it with affection and enthusiasm.
These are 21 stained-glass windows, 1.20m wide, 8 m high. Each one is separated by a very thin concrete structure, representing a cross inside superposed circles. Each circle contains a stained-glass whose design corresponds to one of the 137 stained-glass window of Chartres Cathedral (in France). In the main nave, 18 two-meters-high statues are standing, perfectly integrated into the architectural composition of the columns. These are Gabriel RISPAL’s masterpieces, built in Chauvigny stone.


AS “Arquitetura e Urbanismo” magazine, published in January-February 1940


Clock tower in reinforced-concrete, 50 meters high. archives Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine - PARIS
Archives viver cidades
Photo Guilherme Gorini Architecte
Sainte vierge sculpture by Gabriel Rispal - archives Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine - PARIS
Saint vincent sculpture by Gabriel Rispal Paris - Photo Guilherme Gorini Architecte