Brazil 1930/1959 - Achievements

Jockey Club’s Racecourse. Lineu de Paula Machado Avenue, n° 1263, Morumbi

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Lateral façade of the special stands n° 1 & 2 ; on the right : the betting room on the ground floor; on the 1rst floor : bar, candies, etc.. You can notice in the niche the light source coming from the plaster wall-lights and the 2 columns made in italian “travertine”. The canopy is 12,5 m high, 23,90 m deep and it’s got only one bearing point. The roofing is in copper, with a 6 % inclination
Hopital of Jockey Club in São Paulo - View of the facade of the ambulatory (side avenue).
View of the facade of the whole ambulatory (side tracks)

Hall of the ambulatory

Development  and extension of the Sao Paulo Jockey Club’s Racecourse. The building of the whole hippodrome frame required 12 years of work (32 different types of buildings).

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Archives Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine - PARIS
picture: Philippe Jean Sajous
Association Preserva São Paulo picture and cooperation: Jorge E Rubies
picture: Jorge Eduardo Rubies
Sculpteur: Victor Brecheret
Prospect of the noble lounge
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Picture: Jorge Eduardo Rubies
Archives Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine
The major ornamentation element of the noble  lounge is the China lacquered panel ; this precious piece represents a thoroughbred horse on the move, made by Bernard Dunand (1953) ; it was inspired from “la conquête du cheval “ (the horse conquest”),1935, carried out by Jean Dunand, Bernard’s father (1877-1942) for the 1st Class lounge of the “Normandie” liner – carried out in Paris
Henri Sajous and Bernard Dunand in his workshop
Picture: philippe jean sajous
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Archive Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine
Picture: Jorge Eduardo Rubies
Tables and armchairs for the noble lounge were designed by H.SAJOUS. Armchairs covered with Aubusson tapestry (from France), on a red-coloured background; grey backrests, golden copper legs ; weaved-silk curtains made in Lyon
Brazilian allegory, marble (bas relief) by Victor Brecheret
Museum of the racecourse: Herbert
Picture Jorge Eduardo Rubies
Picture: Sandra Brecheret Pellegrini
jockey club's school - doc Pierre et Patrick Sajous
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Sajous Henri "The sir with a hat".
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photo Georgia Zeringota

The stands, daytime and night races
. Horseracing paddock, weighing room, doping control, veterinary and biological services
. Hospital for jockeys and for all the racecourse professional people
. Physiotherapy area
. Press, radio and TV
. The racecourse manager’s residence
. Horse Village for 2000 horses, with the outbuildings
. Car park area
. Administration building, residences for the turf professionals
. Cinema, school, kinder garden
. Official stands for the Sao Paulo Jockey Club members, large lounges for the reception with the presidents of other countries invited by the Sao Paulo Governor
. Bars, restaurant, kitchens where the food is cooked for 3000 people.