I dedicate this web site to my grand-uncle Henri Paul Pierre Sajous

To my grand-parents Daniel Philippe Sajous and Marie Louise Dumond

To my parents Michel Jean Sajous et Nelly Henriette Jeanne Martin

To my husband Gérard Aimé Clause

To my daughters Maëlle, Alizée et Fanny

To my brothers and sisters Marie Thérèse Janine, Charles Edouard et Philippe Jean

To my nephew Diogo and Victor

As well as to Jean Bertrand Léon Sajous and Euphrasie Marguerite

Bernelas’ descendants.

I do particularly thank my brother Philippe who shared with me the project of allowing people to know better this Art Deco period- French artist, who’s worth being known by the French and Brazilian publics.

With a particular thought about Maithé, Jo, Janine, Fabienne, Patrick, Yves, Pierre, Evelyne, Julien, Sophie, Isabelle...

And to MM. Seinturier, Mauro Almada, Jorges Rubies, Alexandre Ragois, Sandra Brecheret Pellegrini, Giovanna Pennachi, Silvia Cury Chohfi, Guy Dunand, Anne Decouvelaere, Guilherme Gorini, Arany family ...

And to all those who, I inadvertently forgot to mention, because I wouldn’t have been able to carry out my project without their collaboration.



Marie Christine Sajous Clause