Mesbla Edifice 1934 - Patrimony 3/9/2008
Brazil 1930/1959 - Achievements
Mesbla Edifice - passeio street N°42 , town center - Rio de Janeiro
Architects Henri Sajous et Auguste Rendu

Builder: Christiani and Nielsen « Ingénieur et Constructeurs » Ltd

Original Owner : Société Anonyme Brésilienne Etablissement Mestre Blatgé

Document architect Yves Sajous
Architect Henri Sajous - Document Janine Pagès

Edifice with dwellings and business premises. Built-in loggias; the tower with the clock is twice higher than the building itself, it’s the major element of the composition. This building is still viewing over the landscape around today.

Foto picadinho
Rio Nao Dormia - imagem Cohen

Later on, the building was modified with the addition of two stories and with the building of a lateral extension. The use of this edifice changed consequently, it turned into comercial  premises. (guide de l'architecture Art Deco à Rio de Janeiro)

Hall of cars - Documents Architect Yves Sajous
Hall of accessories
Daniel Casoy Library ViverCidades
View of the edifice mesbla
Library ViverCidades- Photo of Guilherme Gorini
Library ViverCidades - Photo of Guilherme Gorini
Collaboration Mauro Almada
Ermakoff George-Rio de janeiro, uma crônica fotografica-casa editorial 2008
Photo Guilherme Gorini