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Works and Projects

Dear Readers,

This site hasn’t got any commercial purpose. It is regularly updated.

When I undertook this work, I only had in mind a few memories from my childhood. I asked for the help of all my family and my main work tool was the internet. I met many friends and people who were very helpful to me. Today, the project is well under way, but I know that some works and unidentified projects as well as some information do still exist somewhere around.

Your help was very important and useful to me, as it enabled me to obtain such results at this stage of my work.  That’s the reason why I decided to put all the information on line.

I’m requiring the help of any witness, any document or any information you may supply me with.. You’ll find hereunder my Email address. I do thank you in advance ; I’m sure we’re going to retrieve a part of our history.

Some information and pictures have been duplicated on the internet. Should they be subject to any legal authorization, please let me know so that I can suppress them if necessary.

Many thanks.

Marie Christine Sajous Clause