Palacio do Comercio Building - 1937 - Patrimony en 2000
Brazil 1930/1959 - Achievements
Palais du commerce - Candelaria street N° 9 - Town center
Current Head office of Rio de Janeiro Trading Association - ACRJ

“When the Rio de Janeiro Trading Association considered the building of the future head-office of the Trading Building (Palacio do Comercio), they entrusted the five most skillful architects in Rio to make project proposals. Henri SAJOUS was one of the selected architects. All the projects were seriously and carefully studied. The words used to congratulate Henri SAJOUS’s work and his skills, as well as the criteria of the selection, let us think that his project was selected : Once more, the bright-minded Architect represented the prestige of French art” (Rio Ilustrado – Osvaldo Aranha )

Document Maithé
Model - Document Maithé
15-07-1938 Foundations of "palacio do comercio - Araujo maia (Director of Commercial association) and Henri SAJOUS - Builder "Dourado S.A." document famille sajous Janine Pagès

Square of "Palacio do Comercio" View of the street: Primeiro de Março 1938.

The Architect Henri SAJOUS designed the perspective of a nice square which will be built in front of the beautiful "Palacio do Comercio. The idea came from the Trading Association which obtained the agreement from the Prefecture for the carrying out of the project. On the picture, partial view of the bank building, from Henri SAJOUS’s concept.

Document Maithé
“Palacio do Comercio”, a 15 floor-building with 3 terraces, overlooking the beautiful Bay of Rio panorama. View from Candelaria church in the extension of Getulio Vargas avenue.
Archive Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine - PARIS

Main entrance in Roman travertin, 3 façades outstanding on a Tijuca granite base, and 6 support pillars. Thickness of the façade walls in granite: 1,50 m. Height of the floors under ceiling : 3,60 meters.

Archive Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine - PARIS

Monumental wrought-iron gate, 9 floors high, entirely hand-made

Archive Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine - PARIS
Photo Guilherme Gorini
Document viver cidade - Photo Guilherme Gorini
Photo Guilherme Gorini
Archive Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine - PARIS
Document Yves Sajous Architecte

Inside the hall, a sculpted panel, 12 meters long and 7 meters high made in Caen stone (France). The design represents the treasures of Brazil. Sculptor : Albert FREYHOFFER

1Mercury (God of the business)
2 Agriculture
3 Architecture
4 Hunting
5 Indians
6 Tucano (bird of the brazil)
7 Goose
8 Crocodille
9 Garimpeiro (gold diggers)
10 Seringueiro (caoutchou)
11 Tatu (Animal of the brazil)
12 Fruta do conde (fruit )
13 Snake
14 Sheep
15 Coffee
16 Orange
17 Cotton
18 Ploughman
19 Rice
20 Bananas
21 Sugar
22 Zebu (Ox)
23 Peroquet
24 Fruit of the brazil
25 Babassu (fruit)
26 Jangada (Boat of the Nord)
27 Peach
28 Monkey
29 Coconut palms

30 Pineapple

Bas relief of Albert Freyhoffer

31 Wood of the parana
32 Grapes
33 Wheat
34 Gaucho (Guard of oxen of the South)
35 Ox
36 Goldmines (ouro velho minas)
37 Transport


Commemorative program on July 15th, 2009 - Rio de Janeiro Trading Association. Celebration of Alvara Régio’s 200 years old " –
Creation of the “Place du Commerce”.

Project for the golden-lacquered reception lounge overlooking the Bay of Rio, 13th and 14th floors ; walls and columns in China lacquer ; 8 meters high under the ceiling and 10 meters high in the middle of the lounge (indirect lighting).

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