São Lourenço Thermal Springs Establishment - 1930
Brazil 1930/1959 - Achievements


Access by Presidente Dutra BR-116 Road / São Lourenço BR 460/ parque das aguas/ Praça João Lage Centro.

Henri SAJOUS’s first work in Brazil : Sao Lourenço‘s Themal Baths, supervised by M. Francisco de Souza Costa (owner of the Arnaga Villa in Cambo-les-Bains, which had belonged to Edmond Rostand). This was the reason of H.SAJOUS’s first trip to Brazil. The “Parc des Eaux”, or “Thermal Springs Establishment”, is an establishment that provides carbo-gaseous baths; it was inaugurated in 1935 (with the President of Brazil, Gétulio VARGAS). It was designed by Henri SAJOUS, in collaboration with the Architects Auguste RENDU and Charles HEBRARD.
The balneotherapy establishment, the big artificial lake with a surface area of 90.000 m2, the research pavilion, and other outbuildings, the pavilions of mineral water sources (with various therapeutic and medical properties). H. SAJOUS probably collaborated to the building of this pavilion of the magnesium source and the one of Vichy source (very famous and rare, as this type of water can only be found in the famous Vichy’s balneotherapy  establishment in France, and in Sao Lourenço in Brazil. All the buildings are located in the middle of the parks and gardens.

Located in the very town center, with a surface area of 430.000 m2, the “Parc des Eaux” (Springs park) is still remaining today the main tourist attraction in Sao Lourenço





São Lourenço - Thermal Springs Establishment
Main access to the balneo center-Document hotel solaris
The balneotherapy establishment during the inauguration-Document Emilio hotel solaris
In the background, on the left, the magnesium source Pavilion-Document
The magnesium source Pavilion-Document André Alvarenga
The balneotherapy center façade on the lake side-Document André Alvarenga
Vichy source pavilion-Document Travel Gil
Vichy source pavilion-Document André Alvarenga
Vichy source pavilion-Document Travel Gil
The magnesium source Pavilion detail-Document
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